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1. The programme does not save a project settings, e.g. I do want have some lines visible, as they are part of a background picture.

Grid is not saved in the current version of IanniX. It’ll change on next release.

2. I wonder if there is any way to upload more than one picture in a one project, I suppose that it is possible (by changing position of each in the code structure), however, the code programme does not save it.

IanniX goal is to be a sequencer. For somes reasons, we add background image support but if you want to make visual effects/graphical effects, please use the Syphon output to another specialized software 🙂

3. The resolution of object positioning is imprecise, so it does not work well with details.


6. Finally, I cannot type any commands in code, which would be saved as a part of code.


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