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Cunning, maybe. Smart, creative, resourceful — for sure! I’ll bet Guillaume is hiding behind his workstation right now ginning up a more elaborate way to handle trigger groups! :–)

@Softcore wrote:

…My problem however was that each time the specific trigger is triggered, the message is being re-sent to Iannix causing havock.

No problem: Max has some very idiomatic ways to handle that. This is a common problem. For example: You want to sequence MIDI note-off messages in a polyphonic context, so when you lift a key, you want to turn off that pitch, but only on the polyphonic voice that is most recently sounding it. So, the voice ID becomes the index with which to associate a note-off message.

Yes, you could also use some js. Just do an associative array (dictionary) with the id as index. I personally prefer writing Java, js, or C over creating Max-patch spaghetti, but it’s good to become familiar with the builtins.

For standard Max built-ins, have a look at [coll] and [funbuff] (I’m not sure, but I think one of the tutorials or examples shows those very same objects in a note-off application). In 3rd party externals, Peter Elsea’s LObjects are perfect for all kinds of list operations, index-object pairs, lookups, etc., types of things.


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