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First, thanks for trying and experimenting IanniX!

Your work sounds great, don’t hesitate to post some samples here on or on Facebook (or just by tagging IanniX in your post like you already did).

So, our answers:
1. Everything is now in the documentation, excepting iannix.ask (to ask the user a variable) and iannix.meta (title of the dialog box). There are some beta features in JS, like onOSC(message) function which allows you to script when IanniX receives messages (useful to map for example MIDI messages with IanniX actions). But this function is really poor (you receive raw messages, in a string, you need to parse it…).

2. Fixed in the new beta (0.8.21)

3. Yes, you can specify the ID of the object. For example : setPos 41 0 0 0 will place the object with ID=41 to (x,y,z)=(0,0,0). You can also target a group : setPos my_group 0 0 0. You can create an object with add trigger 41 to create a trigger with the ID=41 or var id = iannix.execute(« add trigger auto »);. And, no, sorry, you can’t target an object that has been clicked in the interface… But maybe you can do it with M4L with a bangs a message that targets the desired group ?

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