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Thanks for the reply. Already downloaded the new beta and it works great.

Im finsihing up my M4L device and soon I’ll provide the examples to you which I think you will find VERY interesting mainly because I have found ways to sync Iannix to Live (evwen though Iannix doesnt feature a BPM based timeline).

To be sincere, what Im trying to achieve goes away from the purpose of this software I suppose as it is targeted to more « defined » created music and not ayto-generated triggers.

The examples will showcase what Im saying but in the meantime my problem is this: my script creates 8 circles and 8 cursors and sets them into groups. I was hoping to provide to the end user a « Cyclic Sequencer » where the end user will add the triggers (by clicking his mouse) where he pleases without getting in the hassle of using scripts. This gives me the problem that the triggers do not belong to any group so I cannot target them from M4L.
I even thought of creating an M4L « add created triggers to groups » button but still I cannot target « current » objects via osc (only via script – or am I wrong?)
The only solution would be to provide ready-made scripts-scores (with ready made triggers grouped) which is not what I want.

Also, as a feature request, it would be perfect if we could define (via script) default messages for triggers, cursors and curves, in other words everytime the end user adds a trigger (via mouse-click not script), it will have a script-designed default message for example
« registerMessage triggers 1, trigger_value cursor_id »

Anyway, all the above sound pointless unless you actually get to see what Im trying to achieve, and that will possibly be during the weekend! So, talk to you soon.

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