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I understand a manual is being developed, but for my own use and to help learn IanniX I have been developing some notes in a Google Document. I thought I would make it public as other people may find it useful.

Here is a link to the document:

I included a small section on overall application use and document management. There is also, I think, a complete list of scripting commands, properties and events, derived from reviewing the source code. However, I have not added details of many of the command parameters or behavior yet as I have not figured out much of this myself yet! I`ll be continuing to add details.

Also, I should warn that the documentation may, and probably does, contain errors as I have only been working with IanniX for a few days myself. If anyone notices errors or has more information to add, please let me know.

Also, if the IanniX official documentation is nearly about to be released and my documentation effort is a waste of time, please let me know. 🙂

– Chris

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