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If I understand you correctly, this should be no problem, so long as you can set Processing and Usine to different receive socket ports. Except: You did not say whether you must have OSC messages from the same Iannix cursor to send to both programs. I think that’s not possible with Iannix’s current features, but it is definitely possible if you had a Max or Pd patch in between to receive messages on a single port, then regenerate two separate OSC messages on different ports for Processing and Usine (assuming perfect time-synchronization is not required). If you can use separate Iannix cursors, you’re golden. Also I think you could instantiate two Iannix cursors on the same curve at the same position and assign one to transmit to Processing, and the other to transmit to Usine (a sort of jury-rigged solution to the single cursor requirement, so long as Iannix keeps them in sync).

Example, for a single cursor…

setmessage current 150, osc:// cursor_id cursor_value_x cursor_value_y

…where « 2001 » is the port number.

I hope that helps.


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