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@sitarman wrote:

OK , I uninstalled midi yoke, installed pmidi, but iannx recognizes another virtual midi port KLmidi which I
absolutely must have to work my kord karma software. Is there any way to browse or have iannix select a midi port manually?? This seems like it is a needed feature.

Yes. You would simply modify the script I posted in the MIDI line to whatever you want to use. Loobe works and it is set in the script for that. I haven’t tested with anything other then midi yoke and loopbe. Loopbe works so just use that if having issues with others. A Loopbe install won’t affect any other midi loopers/yokes and will only add an additional midi option to your system. IE: you don’t have to uninstall midi yoke or anything else.

If you insist on using another looper/yoke then loopbe you just have to change the user script that opens with IanniX to any internal midi looper that works. I don’t know of any so do post the results of your testing with others so we know. That would be lines 31, 36 and 59 in the pastebin link I posted. Then save. That is the user script in its entirety from the Basic Midi Example template modified for Loopbe midi routing. Cheers.

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