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Hi Guillaume, I do understand what you want. Taskmanager is not multiplatform — top is, well, sort of. Writing it initially is one thing, but maintaining all three platform versions of code over the long-term that will likely require you to get closer to the metal (i.e., calling native APIs) over the lifetime of Iannix is yet another (e.g., how different will the Windows-8 API be from the current Win32, for example).

It’s entirely possible, but it just a imposes a new level of complication you may not need at the moment. That said, I’d love to have it as I often invoke TaskMgr, Profiler, or Activity Monitor (when I can have pretty graphics, I stay away from the command line:–) to check up on Iannix’s overhead.

–Chicken Little.

@Guillaume wrote:

Yes Bob, I agree! I started working on it but it is too complex (numbers of CPU, no Qt-API…). That’s why I ask the community for some help!

However, I didn’t know that MaxMSP CPU usage wasn’t precise 🙂

What I want is the percentage that Windows (taskmanager), Linux and Mac OS X (with top command) report….

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