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Hello Chris,

Thanks a lot for your reply.
I downloaded GeoSonix and ran your adapted script without any problem.
That’s a good start.

But what makes me perplex is the fact that in my script (in IanniX), the second curve behaves as I tell it : I can change the pattern and it will act accordingly after saving.
The first and 3rd ones will go on playing one-shot whatever I do.

That keeps me thinking that there is, I guess in a mysterious place in my system files that I didn’t find yet, some track of my previous scripting errors, because during the scripting process I generated parsing errors due to my begginer’s bad scripting. And these errors concerned the first and 3rd curves.

I tried to make syntax errors in GeoSonix but this didn’t seem to affect the behaviour when I corrected them back.
Maybe I didn’t make the right errors … or maybe you corrected the bug by improving the scripting interface in GeoSonix.

I just tried once again to trash IanniX, remove all the preference files I could find, re-install it and create a new script where I copied-pasted the code of my curves script (without a change because I’m sure it is correct) from TextEdit (external editor, just in case it would matter).
No way … same thing is happening over and over.

I am tempted to use GeoSonix for my project (because it seems to work well !), but I stand frustrated and I would really love an explanation of what’s going on here in IanniX.
Moreover, although you have done a really great work on the scripting part of Geosonix, I would like to continue using IanniX if possible, because I know a bit the people who started and still work on this project, and would like to contribute to its evolution.

I guess they have little time to spend on this for the moment because they must have other businesses to deal with, so if you have any suggestions that could help Guillaume find the bug, or a fix that could help me get my project back working in IanniX without recompiling, I think that would be a great thing.

For now I’ll be using GeoSonix because I need this script to work for my project.
Be sure I’ll keep you informed if I experience any bugs with your software.

Thank you again,

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