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@AvantGuy wrote:

… Do you see application for composing in a new way, or in live performance? …

Yes and yes. I need to learn more about IanniX first, so at this stage everything I do with it is in the experimental mode. I’m also spending a lot of time with SuperCollider (3.5 from Git), I’ve begun thinking about using IanniX to simultaneously control SC3 and Ardour3. And of course there are wonderful possibilities with video, sensors, MIDI, et cetera.

Basically I see a possible arrangement of things, then I try it and check out what happens. IanniX lends itself to experimentation, it’s a perfect vehicle for where I’m tending now.

Btw, I see that you’re into the great athenaCL. Are you also familiar with the GRACE/Common Music system ?

some kind of enhancements to mixdown automation? …

Definitely yes. Some early UNIX audio mixing programs included capabilities for scripted and algorithmic mixing, the IanniX GUI presents a new way of doing something similar. According to Paul, everything in Ardour’s menus should be available via OSC messages, and again the wonderful possibilities present themselves.

design a new (maybe virtual) control surface (touchscreen/tablet)? …

Not heading that way. I gave up jockeying with hardware after my novice HAM license expired. In 1965. 😉

I’ve read you over the years, and I know you must have something cooking.

The kitchen is open here 24/7, 365 days of the year. 🙂

Best regards,


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