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@davephillips wrote:

I’m also spending a lot of time with SuperCollider (3.5 from Git), I’ve begun thinking about using IanniX to simultaneously control SC3 and Ardour3.

This notion of multiple-downstream processes (and it may not be fair to consider IanniX as only « upstream », as it too can be algorithmically influenced) opens up exciting possibilities which seem quite cutting edge. With the help of Jack, we can have IanniX controlling generative processes running simultaneously with an IanniX-driven Ardour automated mix. Another user here, Cyrille, has that same notion of driving two downstream processes, in his case it’s Processing and Usine.

Btw, I see that you’re into the great athenaCL. Are you also familiar with the GRACE/Common Music system ?

I had been exploring all the known *nix-win-mac based algos, including CM of course, but then the real clincher for me was when Computer Music Journal published Christopher Ariza’s essay on the Xenakis Sieve that pushed me head-over-heels to athenaCL. It’s a great tool. Another author I found eminently readable in this field is Miranda (can’t recall his given name, nor the titles at the moment).

Yes, Taube’s « Notes from the Metalevel » was one of my first inspirations for trying to work up my algo-comp chops. Your article doesn’t hurt either 😉 . I’ll have to take a look at Grace.


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