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Have a look at the documentation Reference sections on Cursors, under the Mapping heading.

You can set the target range to the desired MIDI range, say 0 to 127. Then the message variables cursor_value_x, etc go over this range rather than 0 to 1.

You can set up the remapping of cursor x and y target ranges in the user interface with the Inspector. Select the desired cursor in the workspace, and in the Inspector change the « Value Mapping » « To » values from their default of 0 1 1 0 to the desired midi ranges for the x axis and the y axis. e.g. For cursor_value_x to run from 40 to 120 and cursor_value_z to run from 0 to 127 set the « to » value to 40 120 127 0.

I hope this explanation is clear enough. Let me know if you need more help.

The upcoming 0.8.22 IanniX release will have a much more powerful means of remapping variables in messages using embedded Javascript expressions in the message. Among other things this will allow using data rescaling functions like are available for example in Processing or MaxMSP. You can also write your own JS expressions to combine variable and remap them in any way you can imagine.

– Chris

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