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hi Pyretux,

sorry if i disappoint you if i say: it works ‘out of the box’ from the start
reason why i work with Logic and not wit Ableton is just that point – apps and devices that or support MIDI or OCS are working without any problem and direct

if routing is not working you might try Jack – this « the » router for sending signals from any source on your computer to another program – in your case Ableton (please google ‘Jack routing’)

then the automation – Logic is the place i ‘automate’ – Logic allows me to ‘Learn’ buttons to automate from severval devices – i don’t know if Ableton has this ‘learning’ function – if this is the case it should be working directly – if not you might consider to switch to Logic – in our days this is not too difficult any more if you look at prices – oh yeah, you need to have a Mac 🙂

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