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Yeah, it is true.

If you set this message « direct:// {(global_time>2)?(« add trigger 10″): »suppress »} « , after 2sec of playback, it will add a trigger each 20ms.

Two possibilities :
1/ you can put a cursor/curve/trigger system, with a trigger that is fired by the cursor after 2sec (a straight line, going from x=0 to x=3sec for example, with a cursor at normal speed and a trigger on the path of the cursor at x=2sec). You set the message « direct:// add trigger 10 » on this trigger.

2/ Or, as you say, you disable the object at the beginning (uncheck active in the inspector). Then, set a message like « direct:// {(global_time>2)?(« setActive 10 1″): »suppress »}  » (setActive <0 to disable, 1 to enable>).

Hop this can help!

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