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@stf wrote:

…i know we can send message type: midi//etc.. from Iannix but my objective is to drive reaktor with osc message, not midi message.

OSC is much more general than what I believe to be your understanding of it. OSC can handle many types of data, with MIDI only being one small part of its universe. You (or Iannix, Reaktor, Ardour, etc) define what’s in an OSC message. There is no standard. OSC is merely a container to toss stuff around a network. Tools like Iannix and Reaktor only implement a small subset of that universe. Reaktor is basically a MIDI-based tool, so they’ve elected to allow you to control it via OSC by sending MIDI commands over the network. This is typical. There is no industry-wide accepted OSC namespace for MIDI over OSC, but one very nice proposal for a generalized sound synthesizer protocol is SYN.

I haven’t looked into what would be involved in coercing Iannix to talk Reaktor’s OSC namespace. I was hoping you might do that :–)

Hope this helps,

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