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@AvantGuy wrote:

@MBD73 wrote:

Do you by any chance work with Max 5 or Max for Live ?

I flail with Max, and have no experience with M4L. But since M4L includes all the Max built-ins, I may have one helpful hint for you. Here’s a bit of IanniX’s example patch, with my little addition:

The object [ftom], f-to-m (frequency-to-midi), may be what you want here. In this example, I run [ftom]’s output to a [numbox] set to display the midi (with C4 as center) value for the incoming freq values. I hope this helps.


Sorry.. I’m not a coder, but, I was able to hack out this mod.

Now, can someone please tell me how I get the midi into Ableton Live from here?

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