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A great post, Carsten! If I had M4L I’d definitely give this a shot. I hope it encourages more people to work with Iannix. Soon I plan to post a Max patch I’m working on (I’d like to also do a Pd version after that).

I’d encourage anyone who has tried Iannix v.0.6 back in the day and who has not yet tried this new 0.8+ to jump in right now. It seems to be easier on CPU and is generally, in my opinion, much more modern and up to date in its design.

And, every time I jump among the three platforms I’m still impressed and thankful how consistent it looks and runs on OSX – to – Linux – to – Windows. This is no small achievement.


@MBD73 wrote:

And a screenshot of ableton, ianniX and M4L i action, and an additional link to where you can also download the patch at

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