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Dear everyone,
OK, here’s the download link to the m4l patch iannixtomidi.amxd
(you need to have a Maxforlive license to use it in ableton live)
It is a simple but interesting way to create soundscapes, drones and various sick bass or sounddesign effects. There is still alot of possibilities in getting the real programming nerds to make a real interface to control various parametres via midilearn and other functions. I hope you get inspired to do so 🙂

1. put the patch in the folder with maxforlive midi effects.
2. open ableton live.
2. drop the patch from the maxforlive midi effects folder, on a new midi track in ableton live
3. make another midi track, and drop a synth (or effect) of your choice.
4. assign midi from the iannixtomidi track, to the synth track.
5. assign the midi in track, on the synth track, from the iannixtomidi track.
6. click the monitor in, on the synth midi track.
6. check that the velocity in the iannixtomidi patch is set to 127.
7. open the program iannix.
8. open any of the preset drawings in iannix.
9. hit play in iannix in the transportbar.

there should now be sound!

10. play around with the « ms » in iannix the transportbar and the speed slider in forward and reverse direction.
11. change the frequence spectrum in the zmap object (default; 20 2000) in the iannixtomidi patch.
12. use some interesting synths and combine it with other effectsplugins on the synth track 🙂

Make some soundpaintings and sculptures out there!
And a big thank you to the iannix team for making such an amazing piece of graphical software for free!

All the best
Carsten 🙂

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