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@Guest wrote:

thanks for your reply, it works better but still not great !!
sc obviously can’t take too many triggers at the same time,
i wonder if there is a way to work around that

all the best


well … I’m pretty sure SuperCollider can receive and process plenty of OSC traffic, certainly as much as you can transmit from IanniX. The question is what your program does with the traffic.

Try this:
OSCresponderNode(nil, ‘/trigger’, { |time, responder, msg| msg.postln }).add;
OSCresponderNode(nil, ‘/cursor’, { |time, responder, msg| msg.postln }).add;

Then see how many cursors and triggers you can add before SC gives up or misbehaves. I think you’ll find IanniX hangs on the send and display side before SC stops handling traffic. Yes, you will hit trouble if you try to instantiate a thousand UGens at once. Is that a limitation of SC, or of your hardware config?

The biggest problem with your patch is the comb you have echoing each new note. I couldn’t figure out what you intend the relation between the echoes and the pace of triggers to be. I believe that fixing your note/frequency selection logic and removing the comb will make your patch perfectly well-behaved.


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