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Hey Paul, et al,

@paulF wrote:

A PD version of your patch would be most welcome…

So here’s that Pd version of my « Iannix Case Study » patch. I did not write it with wide distribution in mind, so it has some of the typical hardcoding-isms, including the object IDs from the score I used (attached). However, I do have calling arguments in the top level patch for easily customizing the CC-numbers and the two lowest-key pitches to suit your own MIDI controller (the comments describe those [pd]-object creation arguments). Yes, the MIDI channel is hardcoded to Ch-1 😥 .

In case you have not installed Pd-extended, in a separate zipfile I have provided the two audio files that correspond to the triggers so you can choose to download that only if needed.

The top level patch to load from is « CaseStudy-1.pd »

Have a blast,

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