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(sorry about the triple-post)

You didn’t ask, but here are some details about my build workarounds:


Issue: qwineventnotifier_p.h not present, but referenced by qextserialport.h 138 #include (this may be a result of QtSDK 4.6 -> 4.7)

Solution: Import the file qwineventnotifier_p.h from the Gitorius Qt 4.6 branch and put it in ..QtSDKDesktopQt4.7.3msvc2005includeQtCoreprivate (had to create that subdirectory)


Issue: Symbol M_PI_2 undefined.

Solution: Edited qmath.h

N.B. This solution is unacceptable for long term because this header is part of the Qt distro. « M_PI_2 » in mingw but not vc2005 (in math.h, but not in qmath.h).


Issue: The function round(…) undefined

Solution: Edited iannix.cpp, uirender.cpp


Issue: icon.ico format not compatible with vs2005

Solution: Hacked a new, temp icon.

N.B. vs2005 resource compiler cannot handle compression or 32-bit color


Issue: Link errors on all instances of Win32 registry API calls (in qextserialenumerator_win.cpp: getRegKeyValue(…), etc)

Solution: Edited the makefile, (a required obj library not referenced in the build)

N.B. Not certain whether this is portable to later versions of MSVC

(diff files attached)

XP sp3
QtSDK 4.7.1


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