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    hi, it seems the online documentation has disappeared from here: https://www.iannix.org/documentation
    i’m wondering if there is a manual/reference somewhere else?

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    Yes, documentation was totally obsolete so we decided to remove it. However, you can learn IanniX by 1/ opening the Help panel to discover tools and UI elements, 2/ open examples to understand what you can do with IanniX!

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    everything is working fine getting midi to ableton live 9.0.5.
    but would still love a « getting started » manual. a brief pdf or screencast.
    i can’t even figure out how to draw/connect/trigger midi notes, even with an example file open.

    scripting is not every musicians forte.
    and thanks for the update as well as your continued efforts!

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    Yes we tried but it is terribly time consuming for us… We think about making short video, to show some basics…
    Anyway Sunfalls, we saw that you succeed in linking IanniX and Live 🙂 — https://www.iannix.org/help/topic/ianix-meets-aaltogranulatorlive-9-2/https://www.iannix.org/help/topic/fracthaze-1st-iannix-score/

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    Indeed. your osc implementation is streamlined. can’t wait to see a couple videos tutorials on getting started.

    Insights into the Performance and Recursive scores would be a massive plus. Cheers

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    ¿Alguna información en español?
    Me parece un programa bastante complejo, sería excelente una guía básica.

6 sujets de 16 à 21 (sur un total de 21)
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