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    Angel Sanchez

    Hi there !

    How can I draw a line in Processing that generates a curve in Iannix thru OSC ?

    Thanks !

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    Admin bbPress

    Yes, open the Helper window in IanniX and add a curve and move points to see the messages you have to send!

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    Angel Sanchez Borges

    Now I understand how to add and object with OSC, but can´t find how to use the second parameter to add a curve or a cursor in Processing, all the time any number I put is a trigger…

    iannix.send(“add”, ?,”id#”);

    Please help

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    Admin bbPress

    iannix.send(“add”, “curve, ”id#”);
    iannix.send(“add”, “trigger, ”id#”);
    iannix.send(“add”, “cursor, ”id#”);


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    Angel Sanchez Borges

    But Processing say that in the second parameter is expecting a float value not a string, and return an error, that´s why I thought they were represented by numbers, when I write any number it works but only triggers…what I’m missing here ?

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    Admin bbPress

    Yes sorry I posted without testing before. In fact, you have to send OSC Messages using OSC P5. You can have some help in the

    OscMessage iannixMessage = new OscMessage("/iannix/add");
    oscManager.send(iannixMessage, iannixLocation);

    assuming oscManager and iannixLocation have been declared. See samples in IanniX class provided with the example.

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    Angel Sanchez Borges

    It´s working ! Here´s my code with a moving point:


    a = a + 1;

    float move1 = map(sin(a), -1, 1,-10,20);
    float move2 = map(cos(a), -1, 1,-3,13);

    iannix.send(“setpointat”, 0, 2, move1, move2 );

    if(key == ‘q’){

    OscMessage iannixMessage = new OscMessage(“/iannix/add”);

    oscManager.send(iannixMessage, iannixLocation);



    Now the question is: how can I choose to add a straight or a smooth curve ?

    : )

    Thanks !

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    Admin bbPress

    It depends on the setPointAt arguments. In IanniX, open the Help panel and place manually a smooth curve in the score. You’ll see in the Help panel (scroll down) the exact syntax for Processing 🙂

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    Angel Sánchez Borges

    Three years later and I´m returning to this. Ok. Here’s my question:

    Processing creating a cursor on a curve:

    iannix.send(“setcurve”, 1, 0);
    iannix.send(“setpattern”, 1, 21, 0, 1, -1);

    Please, could you give me a practical example how should assign a MIDI message to this cursor based on this?

    iannix.send(“setmessage”, “selection”, “0,”, “midi://midi_out/ccf”, 1, 1, “cursor_value_x”);

    Thanks !

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    Admin bbPress


    Your message is right… excepted the ‘selection’ which means you target the current selected object. You can replace this value with the ID of the object (you can see it in inspector), or ‘current’ which means the last targeted object.

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    Angel Sánchez Borges

    Ok, and what is the “0,” stand for ?

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    Admin bbPress

    0 stands for 0ms, 0ms between the last sent message. If you put a bigger value — let’s say 10ms — IanniX will only send an OSC message if the previous trig of the trigger was more than 10ms before.

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    Angel Sánchez Borges

    I don´t know what I´m doing wrong but processing says not applicable method”:

    ¿Is “0,” expecting a float value?

    Sorry but I don´t get it 🙁

    Is it something like this?

    iannix.send(“setmessage”, 1, .2, “midi://midi_out/ccf”, 1, 1, “cursor_value_x”);

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