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    So I have found that I must get
    run(« add curve  » + (11));

    To become a Curve but I don’t see the Curve
    I think my Problem is that I’m have given
    any Position to this Curve

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    I been a little with in good Process.
    Just I can draw my Line and see this Line
    I have a Cursor put to my Line
    and this Cursor are ready he plays the right Loop and
    he is big enough
    New my next reminding Problem is that I need to put the
    Triggers on my Score.
    Here I can set a little Triger. But I can not randomly
    Spread the Triggers.
    So it will be good can anybody show me the Way to
    make this Working

    What I have is following Command
    run(« setPos current  » + randomIntFromInterval(-5, 5) +  »  » + randomIntFromInterval(4, 4));

    And following Function
    function randomIntFromInterval(min, max) { // min and max included
    return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max – min + 1) + min)

    Can please anybody help me


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    new I have done the next Step.
    I have the Trigers across my Score.
    So the next and final Step will be that this Triggers
    must sent there OSC Messages.

    Please can anybody help me.
    I’m at the last Step to do my Work.


    en réponse à : Scripts #5837
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    Dear Community,
    I have coded a little automatic Score Creator in Iannix.
    So at the beginning – this morning – I have struggle with
    the Points to draw Lines and create Triggers.
    Now my Script is half ready.
    The Missing Point is:
    How can I:
    1.) Clear all default OSC Message Generators
    2.) Give Each Trigger his own new Message Generator.
    The Message should only consists of the GroupID of the

    In hope of any positive Ideas


    en réponse à : Sine bank in Iannix (Additive synthesizer) #5842
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    hello again, so both curves and triggers would be used, curves would work as glissandi, the sound of the sine waves would last what you put in trigger duration, and the curve or glissandi´s sound would last as long as the cursor is touching the curve, when there is no more curve, the sound would stop.
    Thank you so much.

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    Freddy Borelli
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    All the messages are listed here https://github.com/buzzinglight/IanniX/wiki/4.-Messages-and-commands
    And when you type a command in the script window, the syntax is displayed on the bottom on the window.
    Hope it helps!

    en réponse à : Vos projets #5847
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    This is a work from before, i hope the iannix team could incorporate a sine bank into iannix, not the Synesthésie software. Anyways, love iannix. thank you team for everything that you do.
    skip if you wish to minute 10, the music is intense. the music is microtonal using only curves/glissandi, although ive used triggers and curves.

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    Nice work!

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    I just found about Iannix and I was wondering if there any available detailed guides on « Iannix » use or something more simplistic (ex.creating a Metastasis like piece in Iannix) and/or translation of pieces to traditional notation.

    I used to use along with friends max/msp, pure data and matlab to compose music or create av installations and after a 5 year pause I am looking to get back to it.

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    Thank you. : )

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    en réponse à : Feedback #5873
    jerome GB
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    Hey! I bought a new MBP to upgrade my performances but I do feel that I don’t use the full potential of the chips if I use an Intel version of Iannix? I don’t know how hard it is to recompile in a ARM version of Iannix, I don’t really code… is it something doable?
    many thanks!

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    Joe Celine
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    Are you still in business?
    I found a few errors on your site.
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