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There are a few other things I’m planning to add in the next few days:

– Some helper functions available in the embedded Javascript. The most important would be scale(in_min,in_max,out_min,out_max) that would be like the scale object in MaxMsp, and would rescale a parameter ranging from in_min to in_max into the range out_min to out_max. There might also be a version that scales logarithmically. These things could be implemented with the embedded Javascript but would be so commonly needed that it makes sense to provide them.
– The ability to have the MIDI /note message control the note duration. I suggest doing this by allowing an additional parameter at the end of the message that, if present, would set the duration for that note. If the parameter is omitted the note would be the length set in the inspector. (I haven’t looked into the difficulty of implementing this yet. The extent of the changes necessary depends on how the note-off timing is implemented.)
– I have a bunch of other ideas but you may have already done some of these things in the new version so I won’t discuss any other ideas right now.

– Chris

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