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I’m really impressed by all these features you develop! Very excited about that!

– « /bend »
Ok, MIDI is not our favorite protocol, but good idea! Can you send me the piece of code todo that? (

* trigger_distance & trigger_angle
Ok, I’ll add this.

* collision_distance & collision_angle
Ok, I’ll add this.

– support for embedded Javascript expressions in messages
Oh yeaaah. I want you piece of code to do that (this is a feature I wanted to develop, but not enough time!)

– « colliding » parameter that is 1 if a collision is occurring and 0 if not
Ok, Because of 3D curve, this feature (collision) is now in alpha…

– negative angle
Ok, with our new curve system, it should be better.

– trigger_angle/collision_angle for collision
Ok, I didn’t code this, because collision is now in alpha. But wait for the next release to have more flexible architecture to manage curves.

– Some helper functions available in the embedded Javascript
Ok, I’ve added a IanniX.JS file with some usefull functions (like in Processing : map, scale, normalize…)

– The ability to have the MIDI /note message control the note duration.
But you have triggerOff parameter in the inspector, maybe it can help isn’t it ?

Waiting now for some piece of code, then I can package that.
Btw, are you on Mac OS X or Windows?

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