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– « /bend »
Ok, MIDI is not our favorite protocol, but good idea! Can you send me the piece of code todo that? (

>> I also use OSC into Supercollider but I like MIDI for direct access to acoustic instrument sounds.

* trigger_distance & trigger_angle
Ok, I’ll add this.

>> I have trigger distance implemented so it will be in the code I send you.

* collision_distance & collision_angle
Ok, I’ll add this.

>> I also have collision distance implemented

– support for embedded Javascript expressions in messages
Oh yeaaah. I want you piece of code to do that (this is a feature I wanted to develop, but not enough time!)

>> I have it working and I’ve tested it fairly extensively. The one thing my code doesn’t do at this time is support spaces embedded in the Javascript. The splitting of the messages using space delimiters is in a different place from the rest of the parsing so I was leaving this for later. It would be nice to be able to have spaces in the Javascript, and it would not be too hard to add, hopefully with no bad side effects. You would know of possible side effects better than I do. I also don’t support Javascript in messages EXECUTED from scripts, only from objects. The parsing of script-executed messages was different and would have taken extra work, and I didn’t think it was very useful anyway. However scripts can of course attach messages containing Javascript to objects.

– The ability to have the MIDI /note message control the note duration.
But you have triggerOff parameter in the inspector, maybe it can help isn’t it ?

>> Trigger off does not do all you need. Presumably you set a timer to cause MIDI offs so the message isn’t around any more when the note needs to be turned off. trigger_off certainly will be useful in some cases such as where you want one trigger to turn a note on and another to turn it off, but not for the timed-off case.

Waiting now for some piece of code, then I can package that.
Btw, are you on Mac OS X or Windows?

I’m developing on Windows 7. I also use Macs but I prefer Windows for development. Haven’t installed qt on the Macs. I might at some point.

P.S. If you want someone to help with testing the upcoming release I’d be pleased to do that. These days I have time available to work on IanniX.

I propose to extract all the changed files from my repository, zip them and email them to you. Would that be the best way to send the code?

– Chris

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