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Hi Brendon,

I’m quite new to IanniX myself but I’ve started looking into the source code to make some modifications and may be able to help you with at least some things.

>>> Regarding Font display:

I’ve run IanniX on two different Windows 7 systems and two different Macs and have not had this problem except maybe in the message editor, and maybe the text is somewhat small, although I’m running at 1920×1200 resolution. I see you are running on Windows XP so that may be the problem. I do have an XP system so I’ll download IanniX to it and see if the same thing happens. Also, IanniX is written with the cross platform frameworks QT so I’ll have a look in the QT support forums for reports of problems with XP. What screen resolution are you using?

>>> ‘?’ does not point to documentation

There should be a « documentation » folder in the folder where IanniX.exe is located. In that should be the file « index.html » which is the documentation. Did you install IanniX version 0.8.21 for Windows from here: ? If you downloaded this and just unzipped the contents into a folder and run the exe the directory structure should be set up correctly with respect to the exe.

However regarding documentation, recently much better documentation has been posted online here:

>>> ‘Open Patches folder’ does not do so

Again it sounds like problem with the directory structure from where the exe is located. It should contain a patches folder.

>>> Inspector logic: On the very first running of Iannix, the inspector Score centre lists the example scripts. On subsequent runs, the scripts do not display requiring me to open the example folder as the project folder (File – open project folder)

This may be a problem with the directory structure too. Double check that the folder where the exe is contains all the folders as they are laid out in the unzipped application download. If the exe file’s folder contains an examples folder the examples should be seen in the « Styles and Scripts » list in the « Score Center ».

>>> Examples do not always open/run.

May again be a problem with folder structure.

>>> Midi example sometimes opens with triggers and but most of the time has no triggers.

I’ve never seen this problem. There is something strange about your installation. Try downloading Windows version 0.8.21 again, keeping the directory structure intact. If the problem still occurs it will take some detective work to figure out what’s different about your system/setup that is causing this. It may be relate to the text display problem.

>>> After closing the script editor, I can’t work out how to open it again.

This confused me at first too. The script editor should reopen when you double click on a script to run it, which also opens the editor. I understand script editing is only newly added and not complete yet. I would like to see the behavior changed so you can see a script BEFORE running it so you can verify it does what you want or to change it as required.

>>> Regarding Project management (project folders & saving etc):

I also find this confusing and I think some improvements could me made. I’ve unofficially started to think about improvements (although I’m not part of the IanniX team). What problems are you having?

– Chris

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