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Just a follow-up on the unclear text problem: I tried IanniX on my Windows XP system and the text was quite clear. However my Windows system is actually a high resolution large screen iMac running Bootcamp so it may not be comparable.

However I did find mention on the QT forums of a problem on XP when ClearType was enabled, although not widespread. I tried enabling ClearType and the text was a little less clear although not as bad as what you are seeing. I tried it at different resolutions and it shows more pixellation at some resolutions than others.

You might try a different screen resolution and see if this helps. You might also try changing your ClearType setting – enable if disabled, disable if enabled and see if this helps. There is also online information about tuning you can do to optimize ClearType’s settings for your system. (Easy to find with Google) For me changing these settings did affect the degree of pixellation and on some displays it might have a bigger effect to cause what you are seeing.

Apart from that I don’t know what could help the problem other than re-downloading a fresh copy of IanniX and see if that helps.

– Chris

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