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Hi Chris

Well firstly I’ve found what causes the problem with directory structure. When I right click on the .exe, select ‘pin to start menu’ and then click on that link it opens Iannix without any scripts loaded and ‘open patches’ and ‘?’ not working. When I run Iannix by clicking directly on the .exe it opens fine without any broken links.
And so far examples are running fine as well including the midi example – this *might* be a result of me having had to open the example scripts manually by going ‘file – open project folder’ and then finding the example file.

I’d still call this a bug though as I almost always use ‘pin to start menu’ with a wide range of software without encountering this problem.

Font: On your suggestion, I tried several combinations of ‘clear type’ and screen resolution. Clear type with screen at highest resolution (1280×800) and at 32bit is most legible. I also downloaded the XP Clear type tweaker. The font is now a little better and in a manner readable but is still degraded with parts of letters missing. I could attach a screenshot except that after compressing to jpeg it looks much the same as the previous one I posted. I don’t have this font problem with any of the other applications I use (Audiomulch, Reaper, Audacity etc) and probably wont be able to live with cleartype (text is blurred and in writing this mail my eyes are straining).

Script editor – I’m beginning to understand the logic, but agree with you re: being able to see the script before running it.

Project management confusion: I still need to clarify my thoughts. I discussed this briefly with my partner who said that Illustrator seems to use a similar logic – so I’ll have a look and get back. So far I can say:
– That if the user seems directed to use the ‘score centre’ rather than the usual ‘file – save – choose location – save in location’, then it would be better to be able to do everything in the ‘score centre’ – renaming and deleting scores without having to use the file menu. It feels counter intuitive to have to move from one side of the screen to the other – in a way mixing two ways of working in an awkward way.
– I’d say the same for opening, creating and accessing project folders.

Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions!


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