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Hmmm, Ok. So the plot thickens!

After double and triple checking that all my other software would still work, I updated to 10.6.7 and I’m still getting crashes. My update from 10.5 to 10.6 was a clean install; all subsequent updates have been combo updates (the ones recommended by Digi since I use ProTools all day for work).

The crashing was instantaneous on my upgrade to 10.6. There was no period where I would work and Iannix would crash. And actually I remember teaching a MaxMSP class in which my machine running 10.5 ran Iannix fine and none of the student computers running 10.6 could run it. Didn’t check the crashlogs! Wish I had now.

Anyway, after updating 10.6.7 I also tried running every Mac release of Iannix. No dice. It’s a crash party, and everyone is invited. Removing default project files had no effect.

Now get THIS: Nothing Qt works anywhere on my system. The Online Qt SDK installer quits on launch (downloaded this in an attempt to build Iannix from source). All the Qt Tools (creator, assistant, etc) all quit on launch (and they all cite converttoUnicode in their crashlogs). This has not always been the case, but I can’t say when exactly this began happening since I do not regularly use Qt anything. Anyway… THIS problem seems to be all over the net (, Seems more and more like these might be related?

This might no longer be a « Mac OS X compatibility » issue, but a my-machine-specifically issue. I’m gonna set about deactivating large groups of fonts just for fun? See if I can’t track something down, hopefully save someone this headache in the future.

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