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Just checked this on a Mac – – same behaviour.

OSX 10.6.7
Iannix 0.8.2

@I wrote:

Ah! I figured out how to reproduce this bug :geek:. It involves creating a GROUP (who’d have thought!!!).

In my most recent example, it looked like this after the disruption:



Here’s the sequence of edit actions:

    1) Create a group. I’ve been GROUPing three curves, with at least two of them adjacent.
    2) Force doc to go dirty by nudging an object (Adding a group unfortunately does not do this — groups are not currently saved with the doc, it seems)
    3) Save the doc
    4) Exit Iannix
    5) Restart Iannix
    6) Load the score just edited above
    7) Note the extraneous nodes and combining of two curves into one curve.

Score, post-artifacts, attached.



@I wrote:

Extra nodes (or call them « drag-handles ») appeared in curves. I don’t know how to reproduce, but had three new ones during a single editing session.

This brings to mind a potentially very useful editing function: In order to fix this, I could not simply delete those spontaneously-appearing nodes. Lacking this, I had to drag the undesired node over the top of one of the original nodes in order to straighten out the line once again (knowing that this would still leave behind a microscopic glitch). There should be a means to delete a particular node. Upon deletion, that curve/line-segment would then redraw itself to connect the remaining adjacent nodes (commonly done in other graphics drawing programs — for example, envelope editing in your typical DAW).

I tried everything to reproduce this (even changed my socks and underwear) but couldn’t, so it seems not to be a product of accidentally clicking, click-dragging, or shift-clicking, etc, on a curve.



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