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Actually I moved to Redmond and lived there 10 years, retiring in 1998 and moving back to Canada. I discovered Geomaestro maybe 12 years ago and was probably one of the few people in the world who really tried to use it – at least I never found any other users. It was well documented, fiendishly complex, ingenious, and had intriguing unfinished loose ends. I eventually put it aside because it was too hard to do with it what I felt could be possible with such a tool.

I resolved to someday return to the concept of a geometry based sequencer, which really hasn’t existed anywhere else to my knowledge (other than IanniX). I finally returned to the idea about 6 months ago. I plan to spend the next few years with it as my main project: to develop a powerful software tool for me to use and and that could bring the idea to the « masses » – or at least the masses creating computer based music :).

I think with the right usability tweaks and integration with mainstream applications such a tool could become much more mainstream than it has been. I’m working on it like a full time job, with my only pay being the blast I’m having working on it. It will of course be open source and the goal is to build a community around it.

– Chris

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