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The repository on Google Code is actually not the most current. Guillaume started to set one up on GitHub about last May but didn’t have time to learn to use it.

Then a couple of months ago I converted and uploaded the source code for the 0.8.22 release to that repository, and it is open source. However I have not been using it for my work because I should not be checking in changes to the « official » repository while doing work that had not been discussed with anyone else on the team. So my recent work is in a private GitHub repository.

I’m keeping it private for now because my version has evolved to be rather different from IanniX 0.8.22 and I didn’t want to confuse users if it got into wider use. I couldn’t simply assign it to be release 0.8.23 since I was working independently.

Although 0.8.22 is on GitHub I’m not confident it will be used by anyone other than me because of the difficulty of learning Git. My recommendation going forward would be for the code to be open source on Google Code managed with Mercurial which is powerful but much easier than Git.

– Chris

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