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Good morning,

First of all I would like to thank you very much Chris and Bob for their work on the developement of IanniX. Our aim is to have an entire community around this project and I am happy to have you as a fondamental partner, your point of view is extremely important for the evolution of IanniX. Please do not think that our silence is due to a lack of interest in your intellectual and technical contribution to the project, but please understand that we have been all very busy this last period.

My big concern has always been the same for several years, that is the way to keep on financing the developement. For the new version we are actually three people working on the project in Paris, each one has a precise and independent task and you can understand that this is insufficient for the demanded amount of work. We all have another job allowing us to earn money. By the way, I am still looking forward a solution to keep on financing and going on with the project and I am pretty optimist for the beginning of 2012.

Luckily we received a small amount from the Culture Ministry at the beginning of the year that has allowed us to develop the new version, create the website, finalise the documentation and the exemples etc. We have worked hard to launch the new version and I am glad regarding the evolution of the project and even more concerning the feedback of the users that make me feel we are on the good way. Even if did not receive any donation from the users, I am persuaded of the interest in this new approach to musical writing.

This is why I am asking for your patience. Guillaume is actually abroad and he will be back in some weeks. Please be assured of my entire confidence and I hope that we will soon have the possibility of working together on a new update including your contribution.

With my best wishes

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