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AvantGuy wrote:
I’ve got to hand it to you, Chris — you are one industrious guy.

You don’t happen to have notes for those bug fixes, do you? I’d like to read about what you’ve done.

I’ll need to extract a list of the bug fixes out of my SCM log to give a complete answer. The bug I recall fixing that affects the musical results the most is the one reported a while ago called « Triggers fire incorrectly « .

This was causing all triggers between the endpoints of a curve to fire when the cursor wrapped around from one end to the other. If the endpoints were far apart, this could be a lot of triggers, and a blast of dissonant noise.

The fix is simple. As I recall, just two or three lines of code need to be added. I’m not set up for doing releases of the complete application (yet), but if you can build the application from source I can tell you what do change to fix it.

– Chris

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