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@codex99 wrote:

…The bug I recall fixing that affects the musical results the most is the one reported a while ago called « Triggers fire incorrectly « .

That is the very one I was most hoping you had addressed. I am the one who reported it and this is a bug that has kept me from further using Iannix, as it’s a total show-stopper.

I was contemplating fixing it myself, but Iannix’s inactivity in their Google repository and general unresponsiveness has worried me, so I repressed notions of getting further involved.

I’m not set up for doing releases of the complete application (yet), but if you can build the application from source I can tell you what do change to fix it.

Yes, I’ve done several builds. I’d be glad to have those changes, but I don’t know whether I’ll be investing much into Iannix until there’s some indication that this project has life in it. I’d rather see Guillaume incorporate that and any other bug fixes of yours that would be of general interest.

My compliments, Chris, on your amazing work.

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