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Chris, I see you’re in BC. A former Canuck-Microsoftie, eh? I guess some places in BC are within commuting range to Redmond :–)

Yes, I would hope Iannix can go on with an active developer and user community surrounding it, whether Thierry’s « group » is at the heart of it or not. The project that supported the earlier iteration of Iannix (0.6, etc.) seemed to just fade away quietly as well. They were active with a Sourceforge project and everything looked right. It had the look of an open source project but those involved did not seem to be running it like one. I got the impression (I’m talking, what, something like three,four years ago) that Iannix was not the developers main priority or even main interest, and now I’m getting the same impression with this iteration of Iannix.

Any other active open source project I can think of would welcome your vast work publicly and with opened arms. So all I can say here is: Go figure.


Ps: It’s like Twilight Zone — Geomaestro — I can’t get over how often I still see references to KeyKit, a toolkit that seems never to die!

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