All UPD packets dropped from IanniX [in Max 8]

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    Louis J Goldford

    Hello — 

    Many thanks for your work on the IanniX project, and I hope you are all safe and healthy during this pandemic. If you have a moment during all this craziness, I have a couple of questions.

    1. How can I be sure IanniX packets are received in Max on 2nd computer? I’ve got 2 MacBooks broadcasting to and receiving from each other; one with a Max patch, another running IanniX. It’s been easy to send data from Max into IanniX this way, but each packet sent from IanniX logs a consistent « Packet Dropped » error in the Max console, when messages are finally being received (often there is nothing).

    I’m using regular [udpsend] and [udpreceive] and broadcasting on each computer’s IPv4 address using ports 57120 and 1234 as in the IanniX examples. Eventually I found this — — and provided my [udpreceive] objects with the recommended arguments [IPv4 of computer running IanniX]:[57120]. This worked temporarily before generating the same errors again. When I instantiate [udpreceive] this way, I sometimes see « binding to port 0 » in the console, although often I see « binding to port 57120 » as I’d expect. This is inconsistent, however, and in either case it results in dropped packets.

    Thinking it could be something like a queue issue, I’ve also tried various maxqueuesize messages and CNMAT compatibility mode.

    I’ve also tried other ports in IanniX. When I run the patch and IanniX on the same localhost computer, everything works as expected regardless of the ports chosen, but not on separate computers.

    Finally, I’ve tried sending other data over the network in place of IanniX with nothing but success. Sending from Max on the same IP as IanniX to my other computer results in successful transfers of pings and other data. All messaging uses the same standard OSC.

    Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot this situation?

    2. My other question may be easier: Can I save changes I make to the IanniX message editor within my .iannix file? Each time I open my IanniX file I need to assign the same 9th value to a cursor, using the IanniX inspector, but these changes never save with the file itself.

    Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions! — 

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    Maître des clés

    Hi Louis!

    In theory, your configuration seems completely normal, current and should work.

    First, everything should work with udpreceive, without using CNMAT compatibility mode. If the IanniX partition is complex, IanniX may send too many messages, which saturate the network (example: a cursor = 50 messages / sec, so 10 cursors, 500 messages, etc.).
    Then, when you say « broadcasting » do you use broadcast IPs (like or unicast IPs? Perhaps to be able to help you, could you send me by email ( your files (IanniX partition and Max patches)?

    For the second question, I am not sure I understand: when you edit the message of a cursor and save the partition, the message is not saved? Or, would you like to create an OSC message « preset » to assign to each new cursor you instantiate?

    Hope you are also safe and healthy during this period!


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