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    Hello people of Iannix,

    I’ve been using Iannix for some time and I am really happy with the results I get.
    Now I’m investigating to get iannix running on an amrv7 linux distribution.

    Is it possible to compile relatively hassle free Iannix for the armv7 architecture?
    And if so, is it possible to run iannix from the commandline with a gui?

    Hope you can help

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    We’ve never experiment this. IanniX is 98% based on Qt framework and I’m not sure it has been ported to arm. If you try such experiements, don’t hesitate to give us your results, positive or negative ones!

    Thanks for using IanniX 🙂


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    Ok will try to see if I can manage to compile it for arm.
    what does that 2% contain?

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    Libraries like rtmidi (for MIDI support) or muparser (for equation parsing) but they are written in pure C/C++ so it should compile.

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