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    Hello everybody,
    i was wondering if there is a way to add an object (let say another trigger) when a cursor fires a trigger… any simple code examples?

    By the way, thank you to developers for this great software!

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    Yes it is possible. Which software are you using behind IanniX ?

    A simple way of adding a trigger is to send via OSC the following messages (please respect this order) from your 3rd party software :

    add trigger auto
    setPos current x y z
    setMesssage current 1,osc://…

    (replace x, y, z, … with custom values)

    This will add a trigger at position (x,y,z) with an OSC message.

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    got it working by sending the following messages (via csound):
    OSCsend 1, «  », 1234, «  », « s », « /iannix/add trigger auto »
    OSCsend 1, «  », 1234, «  », « s », « /iannix/setPos current 0 0 0 »

    But what if I want to do it within Iannix? I suppose I’ve to use « direct:// » to send whatever message i’d like?

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    Hi vallste!

    You are right, you have to send

    direct:// setPos current 0 0 0

    for doing this within IanniX.

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