Dynamically Change Cursor Color through Max/OSC?

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    Christopher Howard

    I’ve been trying to find more documentation on different OSC messages sent from Max back to IanniX. I found some useful things from Julian Scordato’s writing about some of his work (how to individually change the speed and time position of a cursor on a curve), but haven’t been able to find what types of OSC messages I could send from Max to dynamically change the colors of the cursors/curves/triggers in IanniX. Does this exist, and if so is there documentation about it? Or is it just a pipe dream?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Christopher Howard

    Nevermind – got it figured out finally. I realized the syntax of the OSC messages is the same as the IanniX code within the quotation marks of the run( » « ) commands. Makes total sense!

    I did notice an issue in the IanniX Helper window – when I clicked on the copy > for MaxMSP and tried to paste into Max 7 on my Windows 10 laptop, no object was created and I got an error message:

    clipboard JSON conversion
    ‘,’ or ‘}’ character expected after value for key ‘text’: line=1, char=314, text=’… } , { « box » : { « maxclass » : « message », « text » : « /iannix/log « -‘

    Not an emergency for me since I found my solution, but just curious if that was a known error.

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    Hi Christopher,
    More generally, you can see OSC messages if you let the Helper window ( Icon) opened. By modifying parameters in the graphical interface (color, speed…), you will see the associated OSC message in this floating window.
    For the other bug, I take a look a little later!

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