extending Trigger durations by Trigger size

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    hi all –

    congratulations on the new Iannix. it’s a great piece of software. i’m excited to get to ask questions now, also!

    i’m currently trying to figure out a way to create an overlapping « trigger »-like space, on top of the curves and cursors.. something like a « zone », while a cursor passes through the zone, the trigger is on, when it leaves the zone, it is off.

    i know that a simple way of doing this would be to have two triggers -one at the onset and one at end of the designated zone area – but i’d like to be able to have a more streamlined graphic approach and the ensuing freedoms that would come from this approach..

    anyone have any suggestions?

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    Well, you’re right, that’s not possible 🙂

    Triggers are — for us — a point. So giving « area » to a point make our conceptual model fall. An idea would be to use curve intersection (Add a timeline in toolbar). But you need to make some process in your linked software (are you using Max?). Do you see what I mean with this example?


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    Ah yes, the timeline seems like the best solution here. I am using Max, so it is definitely possible to enact this process outside of Iannix.

    As a side question, is it possible to send cursors to curves with formatted OSC messages from Max?

    Thank you very much!

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    🙂 Yes in Max it’ll be easy to process these data.

    And yes, all the operations made through IanniX GUI are possible through OSC+Max. Open the helper window and scroll down. Now, when you’ll make something in IanniX GUI, you’ll see all the generated messages. Thus, you’ll just have to send these messages from Max to IanniX and it’s done! Have also a look at our Max example provided, you’ll see an example with « IanniX score speed ».

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    great! thank you!

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