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    A fellow from across the ocean contacted me via my website, asking me for help with IanniX, which of course I’m happy to provide. A core issue for him involves IanniX making sound, something that seems to be a widespread misperception. This may be in part a result of calling it a sequencer, which is absolutely correct IMO, but this term carries historical MIDI/synth baggage.

    A sticky note at the top of one of the forum categories to explain the app’s basic purpose might be a good idea (this fellow got my site URL off this forum, and no doubt was taken by all my wordy blather, so he was indeed here first).

    Another suggestion: A very cool means to demonstrate IanniX is the Processing example you provide in the distro (I have fun watching the comets find their way and how the cursor trajectories influence them). Suggesting running this example to prospective users might be helpful to emphasize the generic nature of OSC messages. It might be a bit difficult for some less experienced users to get Java and Processing running, so an embedded video or two in the sticky message might also be good.

    Just more blather.

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    Will work on it, thanks!

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