How to sync iannix as a slave to a DAW ?

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    I’d like to synchronize iannix to Ableton Live, for instance.
    I’d need an accurate sync to Live transport.

    Is it possible?
    if not, is there an efficient & usual workaround I could use ?


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    To control the IanniX transport based on startingstopping the Ableton transport you could use Max for Live to send the appropriate OSC messages to IanniX when the Ableton transport is started and stopped.

    Of course this would not be a complete solution of syncing.

    I’ve been recently helping with IanniX development and one thing I’d like to add is better syncing capabilities to external applications. What features would you like? It seems to me that having IanniX capable of acting as an MMC and MTC slave & master would be a good solution. IanniX i actually currently has quite limited MIDI features, but these will need to be enhanced for it to play nicely with widely used music tools.

    – Chris

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    Giò akak Moo’

    I’m using Iannix with Ableton live, I think that midi features must be implemented with synch options… I’ve tried to synch it with Ableton without results

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    Maître des clés


    We implement MIDI transport syncing but actually we experience difficulties with Live 9 on Mac OS.
    In IanniX, be sure the sync transport in option is checked (in Config > MIDI tab). In Live, open preferences panel and enable sync on « IanniX In ». Now Live is the master, IanniX the slave.

    Tell us if it works with you!

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    Giò akak Moo’

    ok it works 🙂

    i’m on win 7 64 bit i use midi yoke for the bridge between

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