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    I’ve just recently gotten into Iannix, I’m using it for synthesis in Pure Data via OSC.

    I would like to export the 3d structures(curves) and if possible the mouvement of cursors, to use them in after effects to generate video from the same 3d structure as the sound.

    I also just got into 3d and after effects so I’m not very familiar yet with input/output formats.

    I do have some programming knowledge in processing so a last solution might be to make a processing script that receives OSC from Iannix and builds the 3d model/animation. But I might have missed a 3d export option or part of the javascript scripting that might help in this.

    If anyone has some input into this I would appreciate! Thanks!

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    Thanks for using IanniX! Actually, I have no answer to your question but it’s sure that IanniX has no export option for what you want.

    I think your solution using Processing to create a file is a great idea, but I don’t know what kind of file AE can import…

    Keep us in touch with some tips you might get!

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    Hi thanks for the response.
    I found how to import keyframe (automation) data into after effects, it’s a basic text file with the value at each frame (for the exact format one can google importing keyframe data after effects).
    Would it be possible to use the javascript feature of iannix to generate a textfile? I was also thinking about doing this in pure data so that when I record the resultant sound it also records the coordinate movements of the cursors.
    An other approach would be to export the 3d structures of iannix into a common 3d format. I’m not familiar with 3d formats but I think there are some pretty standard formats to exchange 3d models between software like maya, cinema 4d, processing, OF… Is there any support in Iannix for this?

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    Not possible through IanniX Javascript (our JavaScript engine is only made to control IanniX); so Processing + OSC is the easiest way to do that.

    And for 3D export in IanniX, it is not yet implemented, but it can be a good idea to develop an export in Collada for example.

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