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    Hi, I discovered Iannix a just few days ago and after playing with it and looking at the source code, I am very impressed with the direction the project is going and what you have accomplished so far!

    I had actually started into a similar software project myself that I have been prototyping in a combination of Processing and Supercollider. My work was inspired by Geomaestro which was written in Keykit by Stephane Rollandin:

    My goal is to update and extend its capabilities using today’s music software technologies.

    I have decided to put aside starting my own project and base my further work on Iannix. I will be happy to contribute to Iannis testing and development.

    In my project I was planning to include some Geomaestro capabilities that are not yet in Iannix. These included what were called in Geomaestro « distortion functions » that were Keykit scripts that could be applied to do real-time post-processing on the combined parameters of events coming from the score. A list of predefined distortion functions was also provided. Allowing user-scripting to post process score data allowed a very interesting deep level of user control. In Iannix I realize this might be done in the environment receiving OSC event data (e.g. in Supercollider or Max) but it seems more intuitive for this to be defined as part of the score. Were you were planning to allow Javascript post processing of events? If not I may be interested in looking into implementing this feature.

    Also, some useful of types of data that was available in Geomaestro from the running score is not available in Iannix. The most important are the distance of an event from the cursor and the pan angle to the event with respect to the direction of the direction of travel of the cursor. These allow the extraction of some interesting additional expressiveness from the score. I think this could be implemented in Iannix although there are some complications due to the multiple cursors in Iannix vs the single cursor in Geomaestro. I have some ideas on how to implement this in iannix and plan to look into this further.

    Again let me say that I’m delighted to have found Iannix and look forward to working with it.

    – Chris Graham

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    Keykit! That takes me back to my earliest days of working with MIDI and rack synths. Nice to see you here, and I look forward to your ideas, Chris.


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    Hi Chris!

    I’ve been working a lot these days, so I didn’t have enough time to answer you. We have a project with IanniX that requires IannIX to be in 3D… You’ll see some screenshots in few days on Facebook/Twitter.

    So, I’ll answer you at the end of this week!

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