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    Hi there –

    I’m currently trying to generate curves and cursors with Max, but finding a strange behavior after my first curve/cursor.

    Here is the process:
    /add curve auto

    Then, a numbering convention: I generate a 1 and a 2.
    The 1 is sent to /setpos and /setsmoothpoint, both of which have random values for the XYZ positions.

    /add cursor auto

    Then /setcurve is set for 2 1, in accordance with the gui helper.

    So far so good. A curve with a cursor attached.

    I begin again, generate a new curve/cursor set for 4 3, as soon as I add the cursor, though, the first cursor/curve deselects.

    Subsequent iterations, 6 5, 8 7, 10 9 – all seem to work fine..

    Any thoughts on what is happening here?

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    Hmmm, I have to test your example.

    BUT, you can simplify these ID thanks to « current » (last ID used or generated) and « lastCurve » (last curve ID used or generated) keyword.

    add curve auto
    setPos current x y z
    set………… current …………
    add cursor auto
    setCurve current lastCurve
    setSpeed current ………………


2 sujets de 1 à 2 (sur un total de 2)
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