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    Welcome to the world of folks who are not computer scientists. It is a strange place, full of people running into light poles, walking backwards, and wearing sunglasses in the evening…

    But, seriously, there are some beginners out there. So, could some one kindly direct me to a basic source of mapping midi from IanniX via a virtual midi router to a soft-synthesizer. For example, I’m trying to trigger a midi note, but I cannot generate any audio. Can some one give me some sample numbers to input in the message editor, or direct me to a beginner’s tutorial? Thanks.

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    Are-you using Windows or Mac?

    In general, open an example (on the bottom-right of IannIX) with the word « MIDI ».

    Mac : no configuration, it works directly (for example with Garage Band or Live) because we take care of people who are not computer scientists :).

    Windows : OS designed for/by computer scientists ; you need to install « LoopBe » (cf. viewtopic.php?f=14&t=24) OR select in the network tab of the inspector « General MIDI » or « Wavetable » or something like that (depends on your soundcard)…

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    Thanks. So let’s continue.

    I’m getting that wonderful MIDI piano sound that’s been around for about three decades (by selecting « Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth », but was wondering if I could send it to one of my nifty synths. I happen to have one that is a stand-alone, but when I route the midi to it (with a routing tool), no sound. Any thoughts?

    Also, how can I change the midi parameters (e.g. velocity, note value) within one of the MIDI examples (I see only two: Rosette and Simple- are there more?)? Thanks for communicating to some one who’s eyes go blurry upon looking at programming language.

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