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    I noticed in the latest release, there’s an ableton example set included (thanks!!).
    I noticed in the midi in drop down menu of the 2 instruments provided in the example set,
    specifically in instrument track 2, that « iannix out – channel 2 » is selected.
    So, is there a way to get multiple midi channels out of ianniX ?
    the example set works perfectly, but there’s no midi data coming in from iannix out midi channel 2. boy that would be amazing!
    for now, nothing transmits on midi ch 2,
    only on iannix out channel 1.


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    As far as I can tell, you can get any of the MIDI channels. I looked at the « Simple MIDI Example » script, and almost all of the MIDI events are on the first channel (‘0’ in the script, but MIDI-Ch1). The script has one lonely trigger on the second MIDI channel (which is ‘1’ in the script). This is the blue trigger on the outermost circle. That trigger never sends a note-off, however, because it has a TriggerOffTime of ‘0’. You might want to bump that up, maybe to one second, like all the other triggers. You can do that via the inspector or you can add a line to the script in the appropriate spot:

    iannix.execute("setTriggerOff current 1");

    This lonely note on Ch2 has a pitch value of 42, a double-low F-sharp. Depending on the instrument you have on that channel — unless it’s a piano or tuba, it might be hard to hear (or even out of range), so bumping that up two or three octaves might tell you more.


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